Vermont High School Cross Country

New England Championship Meet Information and Preview!

The 2021 XC season is HERE!!!!

Top 25 Returners for 2021 boys and girls can be found here: Top 25 List for Returning Runners


View the most recent and past Vermont HS Cross Country Rankings: VT XC Rankings

XC Results for the 2021 season: 2021 VT XC Results - if results aren't posted send them to me and I will add them to the list


The week to figure out who the best in the state are is finally here. Information for the VT State Meet at Thetford for each division is posted below.


Division 2 Race Times

Girls - 10:30 am

Boys - 12:00 pm

Girls Challenge(JV) Race - 1:30 pm

Boys Challenge(JV) Race - 2:15 pm

Division 3 Race Times

Girls - 11:00 am

Boys - 12:30 pm

Girls Challenge(JV) Race - 1:30 pm

Boys Challenge(JV) Race - 2:15 pm

Division 1 Race Times

Girls - 11:30 am

Boys - 1:00 pm

Girls Challenge(JV) Race - 1:30 pm

Boys Challenge(JV) Race - 2:15 pm

What the heck are speed ratings any way? This is a little dive into trying to explain what they are and how they can be used to help prepare your runner, track progress and compare running performances from year to year.

Thetford Invitational!!! 10/2/21

Race Previews for Girls and Boys: Thetford Invitational Preview - Welcome to Morty's

Race Video from New Hampshire Cross Country(not livestream) can be found here:

Manchester Invitational Information

The first big meet of the 2021 XC season happens this weekend in Manchester, NH! If you would like access to A LOT of preview information and race information our friends at New Hampshire CC have it.

BFA St Albans Boys......could they be party crashers in the D1 boys race?!?!

2020 XC Season is On!!!

Now that we know that we are officially planning for an actual season lets get into the season ahead...which will be like none we have ever been a part of! First up will be the top 25 returners based on State Meet times!

Next up: 10/26 - VT State Championships!

Next up: 10/19 - NVAC District Championships!

Race site this year is Hard'Ack Recreation Area in St. Albans. There is also a UVM race before the District Championship races. Come watch some ex VT HS runners compete for UVM!

Meet Information:

Next Up: 10/12 - Multiple Invitationals with teams all over the place!

  • Manhattan Invitational - at least CVU and U-32

  • Burnt Hills Invitational - Burlington, Essex, South Burlington........

  • Unfortunately not clear on what teams are at the other 2 invitationals plus the MMU Friday meet on 10/11.

Next Up: 9/28 U-32 Invitational....for some and for some a week off

Next Up: 9/21 A BIG ONE - Manchester Invitational

All of the meet information can be found here:

Next Up: 9/14 Options.....

Queensbury(NY) Invitational(CVU, Burlington and So Burlington) - Meet info:

Randolph Invitational - Meet Info:

Next up: 9/7 Burlington Invitational

All the meet information can be found here:

Next up: Essex Invitational

And so it begins.......all race results here!

Thank you Essex HS for the great weather and a great race. Some fast times and good racing to start the season!


Next up 10/20: NVAC District Championships

Next up 10/20: NVAC Mountain Championships @ Randolph

Meet Information:

Next Up: Manhattan Invitational

U-32 boys - Varsity C race

CVU boys - Varsity D race

CVU girls - Eastern States Championship race

Next Up: Burnt Hills Invitational

Boys D3 (large school) race - Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, MMU and BFA St Albans

Girls D3(large school) race - Essex, Burlington, BFA St Albans and MMU

This weekend 9/22: Manchester Invitational!

Here is a link to the meet hub at

This link provides race information, access to live results, photos of the meet, videos and interviews!!! Their site is an amazing resource and I would highly recommend checking it out. meet recap: