Vermont High School Cross Country

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Week 3 XC Rankings are now posted! XC Rankings - Week 3 9/16/19

XC Results for the 2019 season: 2019 XC Results - if results aren't posted send them to me and I will add them to the list

Next Up: 9/21 A BIG ONE - Manchester Invitational

All of the meet information can be found here:

Next Up: 9/14 Options.....

Queensbury(NY) Invitational(CVU, Burlington and So Burlington) - Meet info:

Randolph Invitational - Meet Info:

Next up: 9/7 Burlington Invitational

All the meet information can be found here:

Essex Invitational

And so it begins.......all race results here!

Thank you Essex HS for the great weather and a great race. Some fast times and good racing to start the season!


Next up 10/20: NVAC District Championships

Next up 10/20: NVAC Mountain Championships @ Randolph

Meet Information:

Next Up: Manhattan Invitational

U-32 boys - Varsity C race

CVU boys - Varsity D race

CVU girls - Eastern States Championship race

Next Up: Burnt Hills Invitational

Boys D3 (large school) race - Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, MMU and BFA St Albans

Girls D3(large school) race - Essex, Burlington, BFA St Albans and MMU

This weekend 9/22: Manchester Invitational!

Here is a link to the meet hub at

This link provides race information, access to live results, photos of the meet, videos and interviews!!! Their site is an amazing resource and I would highly recommend checking it out. meet recap: